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Enid — Barenaked Ladies

I could get a job, I could pay the phone bills,
I could cut the lawn, cut my hair, cut out my cholesterol,
I could work overtime, I could work in a mine,
I could do it all for you, but I don’t want to.

I find it reassuring that I can still sing every word of this despite not having listened to it in years.

(Source: Spotify)

My dear Mademoiselle Reagan, if everyone on board who had said unpleasant things about Madam Clapperton were to make as much noise as your friend, this vessel
would become a danger to shipping.

Hercule Poirot

Yup, John Oliver nailed it again.  Go watch.  And then go tell the FCC to treat broadband like a utility.

The Internet Slowdown is coming, and it's going to be huge.


Hey there,

Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, Wordpress, Vimeo,…

Go tell your representatives that cable companies shouldn’t get to choose whose sites get to load. (Hint: it’s gonna be the ones that pay the cable companies more money.)

Prison is gluten. Don’t commit the crime if you can’t fucking have flour.

Gloria Mendoza (Orange is the New Black)